Wine Import, Sales, and Marketing in the US Regulatory, Legal, and Procedural Issues

Quality Brand Imports and our partners are presenting a series of free webinars with various topics about the import, sales, and marketing of European wines in the US market. 

We will discuss regulatory, legal, and procedural issues to educate, empower and enable EU wine producers to understand the opportunities, make smart decisions – and increase sales and ROI.

Regardless if you are new to the US wine market or have been active in it for many years, our experts will allow you to (re-) evaluate your options in new ways.

US Regulations for Wine Import and Sales

Presented by Quality Brand Imports

  • The 3-tier system for alcohol sales.
  • Responsibilities of the federal importer.
  • TTB regulations.
  • Certificates of label approval (COLA).
  • CBP regulations and ruling.
  • Duties and taxes.
  • FDA regulations.
  • State regulations for sales to wine wholesalers and others.
  • Impact of alcohol control states.
  • State Retail Regulations and the impact on wine wholesale and retail.
  • Direct to Consumer (DTC) sales

Contract and Franchise Law and its Impact on Wine Sales in the United States

Presented by K&L Gates

  • Contract law in the US and how it may differ from contract law in Europe.
  • Contracts between a European winery and the US buyer – what to consider and avoid.
  • Terminating exclusive agreements with US importers.
  • Impact within the supply chain if an agreement is terminated.
  • Franchise Law: Meaning and purpose.
  • The impact of franchise Law on agreements between wineries and wholesalers/importers.

Wholesale & Retail Environment in the US and how to Connect with US Wine Buyers 

Presented by Quality Brand Imports and Cellar62

  • Challenges for European wineries.
  • Traditional Supply Chain QBI.
  • Warehousing and Logistics.
  • Supply Chain Demand Flow.
  • Ways to get into US retail.
  • Retailer expectations.
  • Relationship between wholesalers and retailers.
  • ‘Private’ wine labels and brand creation for the US market.
  • State regulations and how they impact wine sales.
  • How to reach US wine buyers.
  • Cellar62 B2B wine marketplace: features, benefits, and cost.

Cellar62 Solutions for European Wineries interested in the US Market

Presented by Sevenscope

  • The current state of the US wine industry
  • Consumer challenges
  • Opportunities for EU Wineries
  • Impact of pricing and opportunities
  • Post-COVID changes
  • E-commerce and digital exposure
  • Cellar62’s role in helping wineries market and sell their products in the US market

Wine Sales & Marketing in the United States

Presented by Quality Brand Promotions

  • Facilitating retail sales.
  • Marketing by wineries.
  • Known vs. unknown brands.
  • Retailer Expectations.
  • Brand creation/private label.
  • Awards/Reviews/Ratings.
  • Promoting regions/countries.
  • Brand image.
  • Target consumers/behavior.
  • Importance of data.
  • Creative Crowdsourcing.
  • Social and Digital Media.
  • EU/national/regional marketing support programs.