MONDAY, FEBRUARY 24, 2020 AT 3:00 PM CST/4:00 PM EST

Every entity and organization can be at risk for a crisis – and in this day and age of social media every crisis can take on the form of a digital crisis. Whether the digital crisis originates online (from a former employee who takes to social media to harass and defame the company to an influencer who violates FTC rules) or occurs offline but is picked up and discussed across digital airwaves, no company may be immune.

Digital crises can spread at a rapid-fire pace across social platforms, digital media, blogs, and elsewhere, and have a lasting impact on your brand, reputation, goodwill, and bottom line. The instantaneous nature of social media platforms allow these stories to evolve rapidly and repeatedly, with the public forming its opinion often before the organization even has a chance to evaluate and respond.

Whether you want to be proactive about your social media campaign planning and management or find yourself knee-deep in a digital crisis, this webinar will provide you with practical tips to help you navigate the digital landscape and the available legal tools, so you can tackle the crisis head on. Whether it is a data breach, online harassment, defamation, or infringement, or a “brick and mortar” crisis that goes viral, our tips will help you manage the crisis with ease.


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Desiree F. Moore

Partner and Director of Learning & Professional Development

K&L Gates LLP

Desiree F. Moore is a litigation partner and a founding member of K&L Gates LLP’s Digital Crisis Planning & Response (DCPR) client solution team. She counsels corporations, educational institutions, and high-profile individuals in proactively planning for and effectively managing digital crises of varying magnitudes.  In this capacity, Ms. Moore also regularly helps clients proactively identify and manage the risks associated with social media use. Ms. Moore counsels individuals and corporations alike on social media best practices, how to effectively implement regulations for social media use in and outside of the workplace, and implementing discipline for unlawful social media use.