Right before Easter, we put the reach potential of social media to the test.  We developed an idea for a creative Facebook post around rabbits and social distancing.  We spent a bit over $20 to boost it.

The post reached over 8,000 people and got 574 likes, 778 loves, and 70 post shares.  Not bad for such a small ad investment.  Creative ads on Facebook and other social media platforms can work really well to engage consumers and draw them to your brand!

While getting a lot of consumer engagement is great, as a food or beverage brand, you need to reach and engage the right target audience.  People who are interested to support your brand and purchase your products.

Only then can you turn awareness into action!

Otherwise, all the post likes and loves and shares may not mean much beyond a temporary ego boost.  The beauty of social, digital, and streaming media advertising is that the right messaging allows you to reach the right audience with great accuracy.

However, before you can reach and engage your actual and hidden target demographic you need to understand and get to know them.

Who are they?  What do they care about?  What are their reasons for supporting your brand and purchasing your products?  What social media or digital channels do they use?

Without clear answers to these questions, you may end up wasting a large portion of your advertising budget.  We work with a world-class data provider who can help you

  • Uncover your current and hidden target demographic;
  • Get to know your current and hidden target demographic and how to reach them;
  • Understand consumer behavior and trends (which is especially important in the current environment);
  • Identify potential influencers to promote your brand and products;
  • Define success and adjust strategies.

And, back to the ad, what kind of pets will your target audience respond to most favorably?

Why not turn the ad concept into a video?  We partner with an experienced film production company headed by an Emmy Award-winning filmmaker and commercial director who can produce impactful social media-ready videos.

Go beyond Facebook and post an ad on YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, or Amazon Prime while making sure your ads will be seen by the right consumers most likely to purchase your brand and products.  We work with a company that has many years of experience in cross channel media placement and can help you not only continuously reach the right consumers but back it all up with data to show ROI.

At QBP, we don’t charge for our creative ideas.  But we can help you to implement them.  We do not white label any of the services provided by our service partners.  Instead, we help you make sense of it all and manage the overall process. Our entire team is ready to help you now.

Are you looking for new ideas and options on how to spend your advertising budget in the most efficient and cost-effective way to maximize ROI and reduce waste? 

We invite you to learn more at qualitybrandpromotions.com/online_media/ or contact us at info@qbpmail.com.