Or more specifically, what is the definition of success for foreign wine producers in the US market?

When speaking to wineries in Europe we often hear that they are simply looking for an importer.  Finding an importer and selling their wine to the importer seems to define success for many.  Does that make sense?

How do most manufacturers of consumer products define success?  Selling the product to

  • An importer?
  • A wholesaler?
  • A retailer?
  • A consumer?

Most brands understand that sales to consumers are key to and definition of success.  Not just sales to consumers but repeat sales to consumers.  Students learn that in entry-level business classes.

I am sure many wineries in Europe look at it the same way when selling their products in their own countries.  But when it comes to sales in countries such as the United States the definition of success seems to change.  Why is that?

It is because of the assumption that the importer will facilitate repeat sales to consumers?  They probably will not.  It is the responsibility of the brand to market its products to consumers.

Is it because of the assumption that wineries abroad cannot influence if consumers will purchase their product?  They can.  Social and digital media make that easier and more cost-effective than ever.

It is true that the traditional three-tier system makes many European wines much more expensive in the US market compared to their home markets.

That makes it more difficult to entice consumers to make repeat purchases.  Even if consumers buy a wine once, if the perceived value is not good enough, they will not buy it again.  We all have been there.

Is that a reason to change the established definition of success?

At Quality Brand Imports we do not think so.  Instead, we offer solutions accessible to anyone interested in taking a fresh look at their options and opportunities.  We help wineries outside the US to achieve success in the American market – and repeat sales to consumers.

Success is never an accident.  It is always a choice.

If you are a winemaker outside the United States, we invite you to learn more about our system for import, sales, and marketing.

All are based on common sense, new ideas, and detailed knowledge of the rules and regulations in the United States.  We will not ask you to redefine success just because it feels as if you have no other choice.