We are entering a new world in which person to person contact will be limited for some time – including in-person engagement events such as product tastings in retail stores.  The use of social and digital media to promote your brand and products will take on greater importance as it allows you to reach and stay in contact with new and current customers.

At QBP, we have understood the importance of social and digital media marketing options long before the current virus outbreak.  Over the last 12 months, QBP has put together a world-class team of experts to help you understand who your current and untapped target audience is and help you develop strategies and ways to best reach and engage them.

Our team creates successful social and digital media brand-building strategies with a carefully planned, step by step roadmap.

Step 1:  Success on social and digital media depends very much on having access to the right data. Data is essentially the ‘key to the castle’.  It will tell you anything from your current and untapped target audiences, how to best reach them to who the ideal influencers are for your brand.

Step 2:  Once you understand your target audience, QBP and our partner companies work with your in-house team to develop a creative strategy to reach and engage them.  Instead of relying on a small group of people like most agencies we open up the creative process to many parties.  No one has exclusivity on creativity.

Step 3:  QBP coordinates with all service providers to ensure all parts of the brand-building campaign are fully integrated into one cohesive brand message that maximizes success and minimizes waste.

If you are interested to make social and digital media marketing a cornerstone of your advertising and brand growth strategy we invite you to learn more at qualitybrandpromotions.com/online_media/.

The future of brand promotions is rapidly changing for many different reasons.  The good news is that people continue to consume wine, beer, and spirits.

Putting your brand in front of your current and untapped target audience on social and digital media is a great way to increase sales and grow your brand.

Re-allocating your budget for direct consumer engagement events in retail locations to social and digital media marketing and advertising is a smart move that will lead to higher ROI.