Many of the larger wine suppliers in the United States frequently create new wine brands – often geared towards a specific target market.  For example, the Chloe Collection by the Wine Group targets female wine consumers.

The wines offered by many of these brands do not necessarily come from one vineyard.  Often, they buy grapes from other sources to create a unique wine portfolio from a variety of wine regions that appeal to the selected target market.

While it may feel strange for vineyards steeped in tradition and proud of their current brands to create a brand-new label, creating a new wine brand will supplement a vineyard’s current wine label(s).  It is not meant to replace them.

Creating new brands can be a successful marketing strategy to offer specific wines to specific consumer groups.  It can also be an excellent avenue for larger producers to market excess inventory and increase profitability and ROI.

Here is an abbreviated step-by-step guide on how to create a new brand and successfully sell and market it in the United States.  Cellar62 and its industry partners can help with every step.

  1. Decide on a target market for the new wine brand including the types of wines and price points to be included.
  2. Create a name and logo.
  3. Create labels unique to the new brand.
  4. Select the initial wine portfolio to be included.
  5. Select bottle types for each wine.  For example, using a thicker and heavier bottle for red wines may convey a higher value to consumers.
  6. Create a website and social media pages for the new brand.
  7. Select a charitable cause the new brand will support and that your target market cares about.  A great way to connect with consumers.
  8. Get labels approved by TTB.
  9. Market the brand to US retailers via Cellar62.
  10. Import via Quality Brand Imports.
  11. Market the wine brand to consumers via Quality Brand Promotions.

Individual vineyards or regions can work together to create a unique portfolio to introduce consumers to wine varietals from their part of the world.  Brand portfolios can also include wines from different countries.

Getting celebrities involved in supporting the new brand can also be a very successful way to add another layer of marketing power to a new brand.  There are many examples of celebrities getting involved in the wine business and even successfully launching their own brand as singer Kylie Minogue did a couple of years ago.

Kylie Minogue Hopes to Inspire Fans to ‘Seize the Day’ with U.S. Launch of Her Rosé Wines

Creating a new brand allows winemakers to start with a blank canvas and focus on the marketing aspects instead of traditional winemaking.

By going beyond simply selling their current wine labels in the US market, wineries in Europe can collaborate and open the door to new market opportunities and cater to specific consumer audiences.

Quality Brand Imports will import wines for a low, flat per-bottle fee.  Cellar62 will introduce your wine brand to hundreds of retailers across the US.  Quality Brand Promotions – together with numerous industry partners – offers a full line of marketing services to help you successfully reach and engage with your target market.

We offer wineries in Europe the needed expertise and turnkey service to create, import, sell and market their wine brands.

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